Urinary Catheters No Longer Needed for Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Until now, catheters were always an indispensable portion of joint replacement surgeries, especially for operations in the lower half of the body. However, the use of these catheters will most likely witness a massive drop after a recent discovery by a Detroit hospital.

The study mainly involved performing the joint replacement surgeries and associated medical activities without the use of Foley catheters. More than 300 patients were made to be a part of this study. Results found out that those who underwent surgeries need not witness post-surgery complications. Moreover, the patients’ mobility was not affected beyond a certain extent. Rather, without the presence of catheter tubes, the patients could very well walk properly. However, before the study was conducted, the catheters were inserted into the bladder region to measure their effects of their presence before and after their removal.

This is just one of the several advancements occurring in the medical industry all over the globe. Following this study, it can be well ascertained that companies would now focus on developing relevant technologies to assist the new way of carrying out joint replacement surgeries. Notable catheters manufacturers such as Hollister, Teleflex and C.R. Bard have their task cut out now to counter the probable effect of this study on their business.

With studies being undertaken in this domain, the direction where the medical industry wants to head towards to quite clear, especially in case of invasive surgeries. Turning towards being as less invasive as possible during operations looks to be a major decision for the medical domain.