Rapidly Growing Opposition in Singapore

Opposition in Singapore

Do the people of Singapore deserve or even wanting an opposition in their country? Before Low Thia Khiang tapped into an era which was dominated by the leading Lee Kuan Yew, the opposition made its way into the country despite the low probability. Firstly, J B Jeyaretnam in 1981. Then, there was a shimmer of hope for something more than token resistance when Chiam See Tong-SDP along with Cheo Chai Chen and Ling How Doong swept into Parliament in 1991. However, in the election, the pair was not elected again. As of then, the story has been revolving around acceptance of their fate. With General elections 2019-20 around the corner, are we witnessing an end to the shortchanging of the Singapore voters? Well, let’s hope so.

Putting all the complaints concerning unfair tactics supposedly practiced by the ruling PAP aside. Other than Low in Hougang, more opposition MPs could not be ushered in by the voters if they lifted their fingers until Aljunied GRC, who was followed by Punggol East.

Aided by other collective issues inclusive of healthcare, housing, workers, and public transport, Singaporeans were convinced by the WP that there was a need of co-driver in the system for keeping the main driver awake and to never take them for granted.

If Singaporeans really are looking for a more than one-man show Opposition, which is, one that can make an actual difference in the engagement of government in major discussions of national issues, in the next general elections, they should clearly say so. Finally, the time has come.

Voters will be having better choices this time, with major parties who will be credible and trustworthy in the Parliament, whoever the governing party might want to throw into the gauntlet for stemming the tide. We are all maturing, finally.

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