Obstacles faced in the export of medical Cannabis.  

medical Cannabis

As the perception of cannabis use is changing worldwide, more countries are legalizing its use for medical treatments.

All the cannabis industry specialists gathered recently at the MJBIZConINTL in Toronto to consider the problems faced in transporting the drug and the profitability of shipping the drug to the neighboring countries.

Presently Thailand and South Korea along with some other countries have withdrawn the ban from cannabis utilization thus, growing the international marijuana export business.

However, there are a few hindrances that investors will face while the export of medical cannabis.

Julián Wilches and Clever Leaves stated, the most challenging part of importing cannabis into another country is to deal with the administrative obstacles.

Laws and regulations concerning the narcotics import changes between countries. In the case of cannabis, regulations are even vaguer as the countries now have started to allow the exchange of drugs across borders.

Wilches believes that getting the quality approved and looking for an airline that has a fair experience in dealing the controlled substances is another major challenge.

Deepak Anand, Chief Executive Officer of private firm Material Ventures, had the same beliefs as the Colombian executive.

Anand mentioned, companies need to be very careful and attentive when associating with the air carriers for business dealings. They need to be aware of the import and export permits to ensure hassle-free shipment and to defend their repute and save time that could have been wasted in dealing with the regulatory bodies.

Material Ventures joined forces with cannabis suppliers and help them in handling various regulatory systems around the world.

They had to struggle to create a different image of cannabis for the companies to see. Even though it is a controlled substance, there are a few distinctions around cannabis that these companies must understand.