Merck vaccines completes drone delivery through AT&T and cold chain

Merck vaccines

Based on a report of an association of companies, a concept pilot project to transport vaccines which are temperature sensitive has been approved. This will thus enable transportation to remote locations with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Merck, AT&T, Softbox are some of the companies that are involved in this project, along with UAV manufacturer Volans-i.

According to the video recording, courtesy Supply Chain Dive, the drone could transport Merck vaccines. The footage showed the journey of over 24 miles over open water between islands in the Bahamas. The drone was also monitored remotely with the help of IoT sensors and cold-chain visibility provided by AT&T.

Furthermore reports allege, the drone also allowed the vaccines to maintain an optimum temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius. This was made possible due to the specially designed container created by Softbox.

When it flew, the ground operators could use real-time IoT data with the help of drone’s sensors in order to screen the conditions of vaccine and other external factors like terrain and climate.

With this innovation, the company association hopes to make available life-saving drugs to remotely located and disaster stricken areas.

“More remains to be done to operationalize medical cargo drones in emergencies. But successful tests like this one demonstrate that remarkable new humanitarian capabilities are emerging quickly,” commented Andrew Schroeder, leader of data visualization and geospatial analytics for Direct Relief.