Link between spending on social services and healthcare services

Link between spending on social services and healthcare services

Based on a new study published by Health Affairs, the US safeguards a substantial amount of funds for healthcare.

The study referred to data, going back to a period of 35 years, from 1980-2015. The findings made a comparison between social spending and healthcare spending across 35 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Results concluded, that countries which spent more on social services in comparison, also spent comparatively more on healthcare, even after unemployment and poverty rates and after calculating the number of people above 65.

For the investigation, the study experts analyzed data comparing US to OECD countries with regards to social spending. The sources also compared the spending in healthcare and in social services. Furthermore, a link between an increase in social spending and a decrease in health care spending was studied.

Reports suggested that the average healthcare spending across the OECD was about 8.8% of every country’s GDP in 2015. The US was however determined as an outlier, which spent 16.8% of GDP.

With regards to social spending, the US spent 16.1% of GDP, slightly below the average OECD countries in the same year. There was above-average spending in education in social spending (19.7 vs. 17.7% of GDP).

Researchers also observed that among the average of OECD countries, a greater part of the US social spending originated from private sources.

Reports allege, the study experts hence found evidence of a positive link between social and health care spending. The inference could thus be drawn that countries which spent on social spending also had large spending on healthcare.

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