Launch of stemspine In the United States.

StemSpine, a proprietary procedure for the treatment of chronic lower back pain (CLBP) utilizing a patient’s own stem cells, has with success been enforced with the treatment of the primary patients with over 12+ months of knowledge showing safety and effectiveness. The corporate plans to submit the results for publication in an exceedingly peer-reviewed journal imminently.

The company can begin commercializing StemSpine in the United States of America with the launch of a replacement web site and doctor achievement within the weeks ahead. “As we’ve antecedently declared it absolutely was our goal to commercialize StemSpine┬« in 2019, thus we’re happy with the progress of this technology and also the price it brings to our company as domestic development begins,” aforesaid Timothy Warbington, President, and chief operating officer of inventive Medical Technology Holdings, Inc.

“StemSpine can for sure be welcome by the over 50 million Americans stricken by CLBP within the USA as a drug-free various. Currently, there is an area unit least treatment choices for patients that suffer from this debilitating pain, with roughly 500th of patients reaching opioids and surgery, aforesaid Thomas Ichim Doctor of Philosophy, Chief Scientific Officer of inventive Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. and patent discoverer.

Chronic lower back pain represents a number one explanation for incapacity worldwide and is that the most typical non-cancer reason for opioid prescription within the U.S. It affects up to half-hour of U.S. adults and is calculable to value the U.S. care system over $100 billion every year.


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