How the United States Treats Immigrants


Two cases related to the treatment of Arab in the United States, a country which is being turned by the President into the exact opposite of what it was built upon by the founding fathers.

The cases are not related at all except for their involvement with the Arabs and the way they were given treatment in the US under the directives of Donald Trump on immigration.

The first incident has the involvement of a 41-year old Jimmy Aldaoud, who is a native of Iraq and was moved to the US when he was an infant and spent life in the Detroit area since then.

This is a miserable story, however, then, all the stories of refugees are sad. Each story itself is a tragedy. Unless forced to, nobody leaves a place they love to live.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons which push someone to the point of migration. Due to political reasons, people leave their place/country of birth. They might be endangered due to arrest and often arrest refers to torture or death. People also immigrate due to economic reasons; lack of employment opportunities or if they are unable to find work in their home country.

Aldaoud did not get to have a say in leaving his hometown in Iraq since he, at that time, was an infant.

In spite of his whole life spent in the US, he found his name on a list of deportees along with masses of Iraqi nationals. In June, he was sent to Iraq.

There are countless cases like Aldaoud’s. What differentiates this one is that Aldaoud died in Baghdad and his death might allot him a final word in this matter.

For the burial, his dead body was being returned to the US. Chaldean Community Foundation took responsibility of paying for the costs of flying his body to the US and the funeral.