German lab closed for conducting barbaric test on monkey

An animal testing laboratory in Germany that subjected monkeys to “barbaric” treatment and kept unwell dogs in squalid conditions is below investigation amid necessitate its closure.

Undercover footage at the Laboratory of toxicology and pharmacology (LPT) close to metropolis, printed by Cruelty-Free International and Soko Tierschutz, shows technicians with metal prongs grabbing macaque monkeys by the neck. The monkeys are restrained by braces throughout testing. The footage additionally shows primates being handled “violently” by technicians: in one incident a monkey has its head smacked against a door frame.

Some of the monkeys gave the impression to be kept alone in metal cages measure but a kiloliter and are seen spinning in a circle, showing high levels of distress. They were reportedly forced to stand for long periods. Dogs have pictured parturition in what perceived to be their own blood and fecal matter, with one hound dog in an exceeding cage showing to be hurt. Workers additionally appeared to mishandle cats.

The footage got an angry response from campaigners who mentioned that suffering was clearly not being unbroken to a minimum, pro re nata by law in several countries.

Kate Willett, of Humane Society International, aforementioned the employment of restraints was “barbaric” and represented the conditions animals were unbroken in as “appalling”.

“The technicians are treating the animals violently,” she said. “This treatment is ethically unwarranted and quite presumably miserable. Every country develops its own animal care tips, however dogs housed in these appalling conditions wouldn’t be up to the standards of the United States of America or the United Kingdom, and its serious ramifications for the standard of the scientific results.”



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