First-Ever Japanese Skincare Product to launch in the Chinese Consumer Market.

Skincare Product

Beroni Group Limited is a pharmaceutical company. Its main goal is to become the world’s leading company in biosciences, life sciences, environmental sciences, and now pharmaceuticals as well.

Just recently, Beroni Group Limited has announced that they have finally gotten the permission, after five months of filing the registration, to launch their very first made-in-Japan product in the very speedily growing Chinese Consumer Market. These products come under the category of skincare and include many lotions for your face and body and facial masks with a variety of diverse ingredients. They have been branded under the name ODd Beroni Facial Care Series. These products’ research was done by Beroni Japan, a subsidiary of the company in Japan. Moreover, they provided design and outsourcing for the manufacturing of these products.

Beroni Group Limited branch in China has an agreement with a major distributor, Guangzhou, to help them distribute their products, which was also distributing the company’s previous products. Other than Beroni’s products, the distributor is selling skincare products manufactured by other companies as well. It sells and distributes the products through various e-commerce channels that it has access to, the most popular one being It is one of the two massive B2C online retailers in the Republic of China.

What’s so special about these products is that these lotions and facial masks have stem cell regenerative formula, which are becoming very popular these days. The basic idea behind why stem-cell-imbedded products are so popular is that applying these topically helps stimulate the growth of more stem cells. They keep regenerating. This regenerating keeps our skin looking fresh, healthy, and youthful. Most of these stem cells are derived from plant cells.

These regenerative skincare products are becoming popular day by day in Japan. Japan can be called the hub of high-end, high-quality technology which enables them to manufacture effective, harmless beauty and cosmetic products. Their very advanced technology has enabled them to make the best regenerative products.

Beroni Group Limited plans on expanding its regenerative skincare product line markets other than China. The quality that these products have is highly regarded all over the world and will enable them to be successful.

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