Examination of Healthcare Roots by the students in London Study Abroad

Healthcare Roots

Nursing student Jacqueline Rodriguez set an objective when she registered as a freshman in the GSU 1010 class to take part in a research overseas. When the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions in London provided the fresh Global Health Study Abroad, she jumped to the opportunity to sign up.

Kristen Lingle, assistant professor and coordinator of the Lewis College Faculty Study Abroad, created the third foreign research program for learners without global travel experience. Lingle wanted to offer the students both a cultural experience and an opportunity to look at the early days of modern medicine and nursing.

Lingle booked the students in a youth hostel to boost the students’ experience and keep the journey affordable. At breakfast each morning, the learners mingled with young tourists from around the globe, raising their trust in speaking to individuals from other cultures and sharing advice on tourism.

Multiple specialty tours, such as the Florence Nightingale Museum, provided a broader understanding of the medical and social history of disease and healthcare to healthcare learners. St. Thomas Hospital’s Old Operating Theater exposed learners to 19th surgery. A manual showed rudimentary surgical tables as well as instruments and explained how patients were handled in front of a 100 + medical student crowd.

The Nightingale Museum tour centered around the general contribution to health and science made by Florence Nightingale. Known for beginning contemporary nursing, in her lifetime, Nightingale wrote more than 200 books. She also created pie charts as a statistician.

The vocation of Nightingale fascinated Rodriguez, a sophomore nursing student. Students also attended the Royal College of Medicinal Gardens to learn about the progress of over 500 years of pharmaceutical growth.

A seven-tasting East End food trip topped the study’s cultural experience overseas. Great Britain is generally not renowned for its cuisine, but London comes alive through food in the correct neighborhood.

Previously, Rodriguez toured through Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland to Europe, but liked London in particular.

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