David Mayo has resigned as Chief Growth Officer to join Verita Healthcare as Marketing and Group Sales Director

Verita Healthcare

Talking about his new job at Verita, Mayo said that he had enjoyed working in advertising for the past two decades and now wanted a change in the environment he was working in. He wanted to work where people thrived for the betterment of this world. Moreover, he wished to learn something new.

A press release from Verita revealed David Mayo had immense knowledge about the Medtech sector. He is currently a CMO and a director at BetaMedTech, a healthcare company in Singapore.

Mayo’s job at Verita will be to ensure that all of its major pillars – service, products, and technology – are coherent and are reinforced by strategic brand management and digital marketing.

Mayo further added that he had been working with GetCraft for quite some time now. The company offered him offered a job at the company after they saw his investor presentation. He played a very important role in getting the company settled, and helped the company breakeven in the first four months. He said that it felt like his work there was done.

According to him, the company he set up is running smoothly and has many opportunities waiting for it. These sort of companies can help creative companies and agencies become more organized in order to achieve their goals, and help clients.

David Mato, regardless of his resignation from the company, has a stake in GetCraft, along with many other non-executive roles. He said that he’ll continue providing for GetCraft as long as he can because he wishes to be as important and as useful as he can to others.

He even said that he is willing to give his all to his job at Verita, even if it takes up 110% of his time, and use the rest of the time for everything else.

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