Contract Research Organizations collaborating increasingly with foundations

Contract Research Organizations (CRO) are used increasingly by disease-focused foundations. Experts observe such foundations are hiring CROs in order to bridge the gap between development and discovery.

CEO of German CRO – Evotec, commented. “What we see is that foundations are extremely professional and caretaking about the right use of every dollar from their constituents,” Evotec announced a partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a period of five years.

Based on experts’ reports, CROs usually profit more from working with pharmaceutical companies. Foundations, on the other hand, allow CRO partners to co-own intellectual rights generated in a project. This incidence is a rare occurrence with big pharma firms.

CRO’s project with foundations is therefore not entirely different from that with biotech or a pharmaceutical company and ideally, it shouldn’t be either. “There is a misunderstanding that money under philanthropic projects shouldn’t be managed in the same way as money under commercial projects. But no one can afford to not have the most professional drug-discovery project setup, independent of the motivation that is behind it,”  commented Werner Lanthaler, CEO of Evotec.

According to reports, established foundations have developed a serious scientific working relationship with CROs. Moreover, the foundation also makes the CRO colleagues a part of their team.