Carreras Limited launches menthol cigarette encased in capsule, adds freshness and flavor

Carreras Limited launches

Latest reports suggest Carreras Limited is to launch a menthol cigarette which is encased in a capsule, thus giving smokers the experience of switching to a citrus flavor mid-smoke.

The new cigarette will be in form of a double capsule which when tapped or clicked produces flavors or adds freshness to the puff. The double click feature also allows the cigarette to have two flavors in one.

“We have so far received generally positive feedback from our consumers on our revamped brand Matterhorn. The brand now features a new pack design and a white filter with an added capsule technology to increase freshness. We also introduced Matterhorn Double Click, a new variant with two capsules; one for freshness and one for flavour,” said the managing director Marcus Steele.

According to reports, the new Matterhorn has been introduced to consumers and customers in the eastern part of the island since July 15. In September the launch of new Matterhorn Core and a Double Capsule variant is anticipated in the Western and Central regions of the island.

“We anticipated a positive reception of the new Matterhorn, given the added technology, sleek new look of the brand and all told, the value and enhanced experience for our adult consumers, all at the same price,” commented Carreras managing director Marcus Steele.