Biocorp in talks with Sanofi over Insulin smart pens

Innovative manufacturer of Internet-connected cap insulin pen injectors, Biocorp, are drawing plans for creating devices for Sanofi’s diabetes care platform.

The Mallya smart sensor cap is the only device for injection pens which can be evaluated in order to meet the requirements for a CE Class IIB medical device designation created by European regulators- according to the Issoire, a French company.

Owning to the announcement, Biocorp will allegedly receive a payment of €4 million from Sanofi. This is claimed to be one of the first steps in Biocorp’s venture of establishing a partnership with Sanofi.

The idea of pre-filled insulin pens is become increasingly popular for the delivery of insulin, and is also being widely accepted as an alternative to syringes. Moreover, pens are also a more convenient option in combining syringe and vial in a single device, in addition to the option of push-button injections.

Figures announced by nonprofit Health Care Cost Institute earlier this year indicate, 46% of insulin usage in 2016, a record high, from the 38% increase in 2012. Furthermore, syringes became the most common means of delivering insulin in 2016, which was about 53%, a decrease from 61% in 2012.

Moreover, the cutting-edge advancements in pens have made them smarter, thus eliminating the use of manual log books. Biocorp’s smart sensor cap has been designed to work similarly like the conventional insulin pen, in order to help patients with diabetes to manage insulin level.

With the help of the device, patients can record insulin dose, including date, time of injection and can then also send it to a dedicated mobile application. Furthermore, the smart pen can also create a summary of dosage report for a period of up to 90 days.

FDA clearance was granted to Companion Medical in 2016, it created the first wireless enabled smart insulin pen known as the InPen. The device is capable of calculating doses, in addition to tracking dosage history, timing and can also send data reports to caregivers from a patient’s phone.

Novo Nordisk and Abbott also announced a partnership to combine insulin dose data from Novo’s connected and pre-filled pens, compatible to Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre glucose-monitoring system. Reports also suggest Dexcom’s integration with Novo’s pens.

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