Basic requirements for effective population health management platforms

population health management platforms

The healthcare costs are skyrocketing and only with adequate focus on prevention, management and focus it can help in reducing chronic conditions and reducing the total cost.

Additionally, health management platforms help in delivering key programs that focus on prioritizing patients with personalized intervention, managing patient experience and also helps in speeding the value based care system.

Since population health management is becoming increasingly necessary, providers and technologies have prioritized in delivering significant program priorities that are adopted and evaluated across several markets in the US.

An effective population health management program will enable every clinician to perform these basic five activities; Evaluate: which will help end users with information they can use; Access: which will allow users to share, exchange and access information; Diagnose: which will help identify actions and decisions to improve the care of individuals and population; Follow up: which will help facilitate care transitions across care continuum and finally Engage: which will help patients and to communicate by means of secured electronic messages.

According to Frost & Sullivan, value based healthcare industry requires the support of a platform which is vendor agnostic and yet agile to deploy and configure specific workflows.