Appointment of Ben Machielse as the Chairman of the Board of Directors by Polyneuron

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG, a manufacturer of a new category of biodegradable glycopolymers for the cure of autoimmune disorders, announced today that Ben Machielse will be appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr Machielse enhances the Board’s power following the appointments of NEA’s David Mott and Sofinnova Partners’ Graziano Seghezzi, who joined the Board in March 2019 following the closure of the CHF22.5 million Series A financing.

David Mott, a part of the Polyneuron Board of Directors, additionally said that over the past two centuries I have known and worked intimately with Ben across three successful businesses and have the utmost regard for his strategic and operational leadership skills. His appointment to the Board reflects Polyneuron’s commitment we all see as well as the chance we have to construct Polyneuron into a world-class drug development business. Ruben and his team have indeed incorporated some of Ben’s ideas into the strategy of Polyneuron, and we’re all working tightly together to introduce successful drugs to treat rare autoimmune patients.

Mr. Machielse has over 25 years of biotech professional experience. He has been engaged in the effective growth of various drugs, including the first H1N1 vaccine in the United States accessible to the public. Most recently, Mr. Machielse purchased Sucampo Pharmaceuticals who was the Vtesse’s CEO, a firm that develops Niemann Pick Disease treatments. Before Vtesse, Mr. Machielse was Chief Operating Officer of Omthera Pharmaceuticals, where he was in charge of the development sector and authorization of a hypertriglyceridemia treatment drug. He was an essential part of AstraZeneca’s IPO and subsequent acquisition of Omthera. Mr. Machielse represented as Executive Vice President of MedImmune Operations, where he led the development and operation of therapeutic antibodies, small molecules, and vaccine products throughout the world. Mr. Machielse previously held roles in quality, product development and operations as an executive at Xoma Corporation and Centocor BV. He has operated on the boards of Xencor, Inc. and Tetragenetics, Inc. and is currently part of Comet Therapeutics and Complex Therapeutics ‘ board of directors.

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