Adopting social listening in clinical trials

Adopting social listening in clinical trials

The implementation of social media in the field of biopharma has taken precedence in recent times. Social media not only allows emerging clinical-stage firms to effectively boost their visibility online, with regards to posting interesting content; it also provides them with a unique platform which can help them in staying in touch with members of specific disease communities.

Such characteristics can thus help the companies by providing them with significant insights which can in return give directions to company in how it should function. Twitter for instance is equipped with advanced targeting tools that provide penetrative insights into demographics, interest, audiences’ locations, and online activities, among others.

In order to obtain unprecedented needs within the patient community, an integration of social media into biopharma companies has become an overall business strategy adopted regularly by growing number of biopharma companies.

By disseminating information on the social media platform, it also helps companies to ask questions and in reaching a wider target audience than usual.  By means of the virtual platform, companies can reach out to both international as well as to community falling within a specific healthcare community.

This feature further allows a company in obtaining an expansive sampling base and also allows to reciprocate to the concerns of the target audience members. Caregivers and patients can in return ask questions based on technology, clinical trials, etc.

This type of interaction is important for patients as well as for companies in ultimately developing product design and enhancing market positing strategies.

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