A new collaboration forms an all-new healthcare initiative: Lumos Health

collaboration forms

Anthill Ventures, an investment and speed scaling platform for early growth stage startups, in collaboration with HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG), the provider of cancer care in India, is powering Lumos Health, a market access program focused on scaling technology start-ups in healthcare and life sciences.

This program is focused on helping startups related to oncology, fertility, genomics, bioinformatics, and R&D go beyond their limits to provide for society. They shortlisted six out of a total of 120 startups across 10 countries, namely Alixir, AyuRythm, BiMedis, C-Test Medicals, Kronikare, and RayBaby.

These six startups have been reported to possess the potential to improve themselves and the healthcare services they provide. Their founders have developed advanced technological solutions to help with pathology, mobile health, AI, early cancer detection, and easy wound assessments. These solutions help healthcare specialists identify problems more efficiently.

The new initiative, Lumos Health, will help chosen startups raise their investments, and provide assistance with mentoring and approvals.

The Program Director and Vice President at Lumos Health say that this initiative was a complete coincidence as the meeting done was by chance. Both the company’s officials met at the sidelines at a conference in Switzerland.

HCG and Anthill have a strategic partnership, as said by company officials, and they are thriving to enable startups to improve their products and performance. It will provide them opportunities to go up the ladder of both local and global organizations.

For HCG and Anthill, this partnership has a goal to differentiate themselves based on the quality of health and care provided to the patients. They want to make sure that entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to improve healthcare are given the right guidance and assistance throughout the development process, and so that they can grow their companies further.

Since both the companies have a shared vision and have the same goals, they will be better able to bring innovation into healthcare facilities. Moreover, both have the knowledge to effectively and efficiently use technology in the business sector. This will not only be beneficial for HCG and Anthill, but also for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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