1st Medical cannabis imported by the Cannamedical Pharma effectively

Cannamedical Pharma

On September 9 th, Cannamedical ® Pharma GmbH, a main cannabis wholesaler and outstanding amongst other realized therapeutic cannabis marks in Germany and the European Union, imported from Portugal to Germany, the biggest amount of restorative cannabis at any point moved inside the European Union.

“The European market is plainly building up its capacity to develop and transport world-class therapeutic cannabis items, which is a significant advance in the improvement of the EU restorative cannabis advertise, which we accept will be the worlds biggest. Cannamedical keeps on showing that our methodology as the main autonomous shipper of finding the best items in all stock markets to serve to our patients can set up achievements inside the business,” says David Henn, CEO of Cannamedical. “We are pleased with the commitment we are making to give a steady supply of therapeutic cannabis to patients in Germany and appreciative for our reality class supply accomplices.

When the bundling procedure is finished, the imported Cannamedical item is required to be accessible to patients starting in mid-October. Cannamedical keeps on being the main autonomous restorative cannabis shipper to effectively disseminate items under its very own image name in Germany.

With this import, Cannamedical keeps on growing its worldwide system of providers inside the cannabis business. Cannamedical reported in May 2019 that it had gone into three universal inventory concurrences with providers of therapeutic cannabis blooms and extricates and has since started two extra EU-GMP affirmations for provider accomplices. The organization at present holds a sum of 9 stockpile concurrences with accomplices crosswise over three main lands.

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH is the biggest free merchant and wholesaler of therapeutic cannabis in Germany. Cannamedical was established by David Henn in November 2016 and its 50+ workers are situated in Cologne. In mid-2019, Cannamedical raised €15M from New York and Hamburg-based venture firm Orkila Capital. The organization as of late extended its supervisory group with the expansion of Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Thomas Baur and Head of Quality Assurance, Dr. Ralf Bradenahl.